Jennifer Yu, new American champion, joins the 6th Cattolica Chess Festival

//Jennifer Yu, new American champion, joins the 6th Cattolica Chess Festival

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It has recently joined the 6th Chess Festival of Cattolica a great chess player of just 17 years, with a certainly bright future. She was talked about a lot, Susan Polgar who was a little godmother, called her the future Chess Superstar of the world firmament. Then we know a little from this fantastic player that we will have the opportunity to admire in Cattolica from 8 June.

Born in Ithaca, New York, February 1, 2002, Jennifer Yu started playing chess in first grade, attending a chess class after school. After the school finished the chess course, Jennifer wanted to continue cultivating her interest in this wonderful game and asked her parents to find her a coach. He began playing chess tournaments at the age of 7, in 2009.

Jennifer’s Rating jumped to 2100 ELO points at the end of 2013. In 2014, Jennifer participated in the world chess championships in Durban , South Africa in the Girls U12 section and easily won the medal gold. She was the first American woman to win this competition in 27 years. Jennifer then won the Virginia State Closed Championship in 2015, becoming the youngest player and the first woman to do so. He also won the National Girls Tournament of Champions three times, winning in 2014 and 2015, and again winning in 2016. He played in the US women’s team and in the Women’s World Team Chess Championship in 2017 and in the Women’s Chess Olympiad (together with Anna Zatonskih, Irina Krush, Sabina Foisor and Tatev Abrahamyan) in 2018. In this last competition she won an individual bronze medal.

But it’s 2019 his chess explosion year. In 2019, Jennifer Yu competed in the women’s national championship in the United States and was ranked first with a stratospheric 10 out of 11, inflicting two and a half points of detachment to the most immediate pursuers. He won nine games out of eleven, drawing only two with Annie Wang and Tatev Abrahamyan respectively in rounds 5 and 9. Before the penultimate round Jennifer drove with 2 points ahead of the rest of the players. Because of this, no one else would have been able to reach it first except Anna Zatonskih . In the penultimate round Jennifer beat Zatonskih, securing the title of champion with an early round. Jennifer then also won the last game, finishing the tournament with a score of 10/11 points and an ELO performance of 2678. She can currently boast the FIDE title of WGM and FM < absolute, with an ELO score of 2369 .

In her spare time she is the editor of Chess Summit , a chess blog that provides information to players on how to improve their game. His secret has partially revealed him in an article in the blog where he reveals that for the preparation for the National Championship he used for the first time a physical chessboard and not a digital surrogate. It seems incredible but it is so! Jennifer used to train almost exclusively Chessbase and studied on her PC without ever bothering to mount a position on a real, tangible, real board. Then the lighting. To prepare for the Championship he put the PC aside and began to sit in front of a chess board. The rest, as you know, is recent history. Thanks to her preparation and her tactical and strategic sensitivity, she was able to outperform the competition with a disarming ease, players much more experienced than her who had played a great deal more than International Tournaments compared to her.

Below, to give you an idea of ​​which wonderful player Jennifer is, we publish her most brilliant victories during the National Championship at St-Louis.

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